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Dental Care
Fur babies need dental care, too!
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Meet our new app, Yourgi

Like people, pets require regular dental care to ensure their teeth remain in tip-top shape.

Without routine toothbrushing, oral health aids, and professional dental care, your best friend is at risk for a painful tooth root abscess, systemic infection, or even tooth loss. Fortunately for your furry pal, the team here at Midlands Veterinary Practice loves tackling tough tartar and returning your four-legged friend’s smile to its former glory. Be sure to schedule regular dental care for your companion to keep their grin glowing and healthy.
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Signs of

Dental Disease in Pets

You may not realize it, but if your pet is 3 years of age or older, there’s an excellent chance your furry pal is suffering from dental disease. Up to 80% of pets have some form of dental disease by age 3, yet many never display symptoms until there’s a serious problem.

To help your fluffy friend keep all their teeth and ensure they remain in good shape, routinely check for the following signs of dental disease:

Red, inflamed gums

Bad breath

Brown, yellow, or gray tartar accumulation on the teeth

Hair trapped between the teeth

Cracked, stained, loose, or missing teeth

Bleeding from the gums

Pus pockets around the teeth

If your pet is silently suffering from periodontal disease, you may also notice your pal has problems eating hard food or treats, will paw at their face, or drop food when eating. To prevent unnecessary pain in your beloved companion, be sure to schedule regular dental health check-ups in addition to brushing your pet’s teeth at home.

Dental Care

in Columbia

If your pet is suffering from a toothache and requires dental care in the Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, or Chapin areas, trust in the dental team at Midlands Veterinary Practice. Our highly skilled team enjoys tackling tough dental cases and removing the source of your beloved companion’s pain and infection, leaving your pal with a pearly-white smile. Call us to discuss your pet’s dental care needs and to schedule an appointment.
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