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The Changing Times And Some Potential Issues Associated With It

Many pet owners are spending more time at home with their pets due to the current pandemic.  I wante...
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Fireworks And Your Pet

Summertime seems to really start with the Fourth of July holiday.  Everyone is celebrating, and that...
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Heat Related Illness – What You Need Know To Keep Your Pet Safe

Summertime is rapidly approaching, and pet owners are going to spending more time outside with their...
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Lyme Disease

Q:  I found a few ticks on my dog today.  I know people can get diseases from ticks, but I wondered ...
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April Q&A – Easter is Quickly Approaching

Easter is approaching and many pet owners will be celebrating the holiday.  We wanted to take this o...
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March Q&A – Canine Influenza. Does My Dog Need It?

Q:  My veterinarian is requiring a flu vaccine for my dog prior to boarding him.  I didn’t know dogs...
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February 2020 Q&A

1) I took my pet to the vet for the ir routine physical exam.  The veterinarian noted that my pet ha...
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