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Why Pets Need Regular Dental Care

Pets, like humans, need good dental hygiene to be healthy


It can be dangerous when pets aren’t regularly treated for dental care. They can suffer from plaque, bad breath, and other dental issues. Dental disease can affect the teeth, gums, and surrounding areas of your pet. Plaque can build up on the teeth and eventually harden, making it difficult to remove without the assistance of a professional. Plaque, leftover food, and particles can harbor bacteria causing bad breath, infections, and even pain. Ignoring dental hygiene can even cause bacteria to spread to other organs and areas of your pet, making the situation even worse. 


One way to help solve this issue is to get regularly scheduled dental appointments. By getting regular dental care, your pet will receive the following benefits:



  • Prevents Bad Breath: Bad breath can make those regular snuggles much more difficult. Bacteria and leftover food can cause bad breath, making it uncomfortable for you as well as your pet. Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth and getting checkups from your local dentist in Seven Oaks can help prevent bad breath.


  • Prevents Loss of Teeth: Infection in the gums and other supporting structures diminishes support for the pet’s teeth. With time, the teeth become loose and end up falling out of the mouth. Dental sessions can help detect early warning signs of infection before they get severe. 


  • Prevents Organ Damage: Bacteria that accumulates in the mouth can pass through your pet and damage other organs as well, such as the heart, liver, and kidney. In these situations, it is best to visit your local veterinarian in San Antonio for additional guidance. 


We Can Provide Dental Care for Your Pet

Your pet can experience a lot of pain from a combination of the above and may be unable to communicate that with you. Regularly scheduling dental care for your pet is an important step in keeping your pet healthy, comfortable, and safe.

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