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How to Detect Arthritis in Senior Dogs

Encountering arthritis is a natural part of pet ownership. As dogs get older, wear and tear accumulate into arthritic symptoms. Essentially, arthritis covers a variety of joint pain across the body and can lead to a great deal of pain in both dogs and humans. 


This sad part of the aging process shouldn't discourage you, because now your pup needs you more than ever. Read on to learn three key signs that your dog is suffering from arthritis and needs treatment to maintain a high-quality life. 

Every pet is different, but there are key signs to be on the look for when detecting arthritis in dogs:


  • Evidence of Limping: A consistent limp over time can be a cause for concern and stands as a hallmark symptom of arthritis. This limited movement is due to the pain associated with the condition.


  • Unusual Lethargy: When arthritis begins to progress your pet may start to tire out more quickly than before. The pain arthritis causes deter pets from wanting to engage with physical activities they may have once enjoyed.


  • Muscle Deterioration: As pets begin to decrease movements to avoid arthritic pains, muscles begin to deteriorate from lack of use. Check your dog’s body for signs of muscular atrophy identified by thinner than usual limbs. 


Despite the pains it may cause, trying to get your pup to engage in physical activities as much as you can help halt the progression of the disease. However, before establishing any routines, check with your local vet for a professionally guided pain management plan. 

We Can Help Give Your Pup Relief at Midlands Veterinary Practice

At Midlands Veterinary Practice, we are dedicated to providing your pet with only the highest-quality medical care and treatment. The quality of our patients' lives means a lot to us, and we’d be thrilled to welcome you and your companion into our family.

If you believe your pet is suffering from arthritic pain, contact us today so our team can help give your loved one the relief and happiness they deserve.


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