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Cancer Treatments For Dogs

Cancer is a word that terrifies all pet parents. Cancer has caused devastation in the human world but is just prevalent and tragic in the world of pet ownership. Cancer is essentially when the body’s cellular reproduction cycle malfunctions, leading to an excess of cells to grow in the body - forming tumors. 


If your dog's cancer is diagnosed to be malignant - take a breath, and consider the treatment options that would best fit your companion’s health background. Treatment options that can relieve tumor burden and reduce the impact of cancer include:


  • Cancer Immunotherapy: A treatment option that aims to bolster the immune system to better fight and detect cancer in the body more effectively
  • Chemotherapy: A dreaded word in the world of cancer, but chemotherapy uses powerful chemicals to kill and prevent further cancer cells from growing.
  • Surgery: If done properly, surgical intervention can remove the tumor burden from a pet. However, a surgical operation may not always be an option depending on the location of the tumor in the body.


Cancer is a heartbreaking and terrible disease. Protect your pet from cancer by routinely visiting your vet and being vigilant of any abnormal behavior, or suspicious lumps on your pup. While cancer may never fully go away, management of the disease is possible, and your pet can still live a happy life by your side. 

Schedule an Appointment at Midlands Veterinary Practice 

Cancer is a disease that breaks the hearts of countless pet parents. We know your bond to your companion is unbreakable, and that’s why we at Midlands Veterinary Practice, we promise to do our best to maintain your pup’s quality of life. We will do our best to counsel and guide you during this difficult time. You are not alone. Contact us to schedule an appointment today,

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